Cover Contest 2003

Blythe Barnhill:

We are pleased to announce the following winners in our 2003 Cover Contest:

Since this contest began, we’ve seen huge increases in the number of voters every year. This year was no exception, and we were thrilled to see so many new people participating. We’d like to extend a big thank you to everyone who contributed to this contest, whether it was by nominating a cover or weighing in on the final ballot. In particular, we appreciate the many thoughtful comments made by readers, authors, and artists. Your insights into what works well in a cover – and what doesn’t – were fascinating.

And I’d like to again thank the 2003 Coverballot team for all their hard work. Getting this ballot (and results column) off the ground is a year-long project. In fact, we are already hard at work voting on covers for 2004. If you come across a cover you love (or hate), please let us know about it.

The 2003 Cover Ballot Committee:
Lisa Baca
Blythe Barnhill
Elizabeth Benway
Marlene Breakfield
Amanda Brooks
Marian Clough
Linnae Crady
Leanne Davis
Kellye Fergeson
Teresa Galloway
Ann Garland
Mary Alice Gibbons
Jenny Gustafsson
Jennifer Keirans
Elaine Lee
Tobi Liedes-Bell
Sandi Morris
Jann “Jaycee” Muhlhauser
Mary Lynne Nielsen
Rachel Potter
John Rothermel
Màili Ryan
Sharon Shearouse
Karen Wheless