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Though Kleypas is known for her historical romances, romance readers LOVE her Travis books. About this one, we wrote: As I reflect on Hardy’s absolute sexual appeal, the reappearance of a number of my favorite characters from Sugar Daddy, and the capacity for a challenging, chemistry-dripping romance, it is all overshadowed by the fact that first and foremost, this is a story of recovery.

It’s at Amazon for 2.99 here.

Readers also adore Elle Kennedy’s Off Campus series. This is book one. In our review we wrote: Garrett and Hannah are fantastic characters. The dialogue between them just snaps, and I loved how they moved from Garrett’s dogged persistence versus Hannah’s absolute resistance, to reluctant allies, to friends and then finally to more. 

It’s at Amazon for 2.49 here.

Everyone loves this book. If you’ve not read it, it’s free at Amazon here.

This is a DIK for us. For readers looking for a well-researched story with lots of action and adventure, and a dynamic couple who aren’t afraid to ask for what they want, I’m happy to recommend this book.

It’s at Amazon for 0.99 here.

This one, too, is a winner. This is a terrific, suspenseful read. It had a perfect blend of action and moments of calm which allowed for a believable romance to blossom.

It is at Amazon for 1.99 here.

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