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I usually don’t do these on Sunday, but there were too many gems to not share today. So, here you go. And remember:

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I’m not sure there’s a more beloved historical romance series than Julie Anne Long’s Pennyroyal Green. (I’d take it over Bridgerton any day.) I gave this book a B+ and, if I’m being honest, it should have been a DIK. I was just mad it didn’t further Olivia and Lyon’s story. This really is a fantastic, witty love story. I said:

I liked this book a lot. Ms. Long’s fluency is extraordinary. In How the Marquess Was Won, she pens scene after scene where the words conjure worlds vivid and alive. She’s a witty writer with a seemingly unlimited frame of reference. This book made me laugh. Her lovers touch each other sensually and in ways replete with romance. I took pleasure in every moment I spent reading this novel.

It’s on sale for 1.99 here.

Fun, feminist, and somewhat inspired by that time Solange slapped Jay Z, readers love Bombshell. In our review, we wrote:

Sesily Talbot and Caleb Calhoun pine for each other. Caleb is a friend of Sesily’s sister Seraphina and quickly fell for Sesily upon meeting her, but holds himself back from acting on his feelings for a mysterious reason. Sesily likewise quickly fell for Caleb when they met in The Day of the Duchessbut was hurt when he fled home to America rather than spend more time with her and explore their mutual interest. As the book opens, Caleb is returning to England for a visit after two years away, hoping he can resist the temptation to pursue Sesily, while Sesily is busy working with the Hell’s Belles and trying to forget Caleb exists.

It’s on sale for 1.99 here.

This historical fiction got an A from us. Our reviewer wrote: 

It’s a dual timeline novel that explores a mysterious set of circumstances rumored to have taken place during the Lusitania’s ill-fated final voyage, and it kept me utterly riveted from beginning to end.

It’s on sale for 1.99 here.


We adored this contemporary romance. Our reviewer wrote:

Part women’s fiction and part romance If I Never Met You is wholly delightful. A novel about second – and third – chances and falling in love with whom you least expect it, this gem of a book is funny, sweet and charming.

It’s on sale for 1.99 here.


Other winners:

Robyn Carr’s The Wedding Party got a B+ from us. It’s on sale for 1.99 here.

Laura Lee Guhrke’s She’s No Princess got a B from us. It’s on sale for 0.99 here.


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