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Yes, I know, I know, fantasy lovers adore Tolkien and sure, those movies are great. (Readers everywhere vow to never read another word I write….) But I’ve never loved–or even been able to get through–those books. Too much extraneous exposition. My favorite non-Potter fantasy series are two: His Dark Materials and The Chronicles of Prydain. The first book of the latter is on sale today and, if I didn’t already own it, I would snap it up. Yes, it is ostensibly a middle school book, but so are the Harry Potters. A briskly told story with characters you adore, an evil that is genuinely terrifying, all wrapped up with Welch mythology. What more could you want? 

It’s on sale for 2.99 here.


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We loved this one. Our reviewer wrote:

Phantom Waltz is my contender for the most romantic romance I’ve read this year. After flirting from behind the counter of her father’s store, Bethany Coulter expects Ryan Kendrick to turn tail and flee the moment he realizes that she is in a wheelchair. Bethany, a former champion barrel racer, was injured in a rodeo competition eight years ago and has learned to deal with her new limitations by walling off her heart.

However, despite his initial shock over Bethany’s revelation, Ryan insists on going through with a date. Initially he merely wants to be a gentleman and plans to let Bethany down easy, but by the end of the evening he’s seriously intrigued, and by the end of the week he’s in love.

It’s a lovely book. You can get it for 1.99 here.

Love medievals? This one garnered a B+ from us. Our reviewer wrote: I’m a sucker for tortured heroes and heroines, as well as rich, even intense, historicals, so Mary Reed McCall’s latest novel was a must-read for me. Her tale of love and healing set against the violent dissolution of the Templars is absolutely beautiful. 

It’s on sale for 2.99 here.

Want still MORE medievals? This one has a fabulous heroine and the noble knight who wins her heart. Not only did our reviewer like the leads, she wrote: The overall feel of the novel was very authentic for me. The Middle Ages were brutal, difficult times and the author does not shy away from that. 

It’s on sale for 2.99 here.

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