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While it’s true I loathe the concept of romance as a guilty pleasure, our reviewer says this steamy HR is just that.

This is one of those books I almost hesitate to confess I enjoyed! The storyline is unoriginal, and the hero, while as manly and gorgeous as any other to be found in the genre, acts like such a prick at times that I wanted to smack his manly, gorgeous face! But what saved All the Ways to Ruin a Rogue from being consigned to the realms of the unreadable is the fact that the chemistry between the two protagonists is so strong and vividly evoked that I couldn’t stop reading in spite of those criticisms….

Max, Viscount Camden, and his best friend’s sister Aurelia, appeared in the previous book (A Good Debutante’s Guide to Ruin) and whenever they were together, the sparks didn’t just fly, they hurled themselves into the inky abyss from a great height! As a result, I’ve been eagerly awaiting their book, as I was looking forward to more of the same; these two made no bones about their mutual dislike, even as the heat between them threatened to melt my Kindle….

So, yes, I enjoyed All the Ways to Ruin a Rogue in spite of its flaws, none of which were sufficiently terrible as to force me to stop reading. If you’re looking for a responsible, sensitive hero who proves himself worthy of the love of the heroine over the course of a deep and meaningful story, you might want to look elsewhere. But if you don’t mind the well-used enemies-to-lovers plot and the similarly overly-used neuroses of the hero, and enjoy a hero and heroine who can rip each other to shreds and then rip each other’s clothes off with hot, steamy abandon, this might be worth a few hours of your time.

You can get it for 1.99 (use our Buy link) here.

It’s THAT time of year. From now until 2024, we will be awash in holiday romances. If that makes your heart grow three sizes, here’s a deal for you!

Let the Spirit of Christmas sweep you away! Christmas in Cumbria features THIRTEEN STORIES of love and romance from your favorite authors…

Let these glorious stories full of Christmas magic and true love—with more than a hint of steam— sweep you away to a time gone by. Indulge yourself free of guilt with this collection from USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors.

Tammy Andresen
Sadie Bosque
Chasity Bowlin
Collette Cameron
Jane Charles
Adele Clee
Christine Donovan
Amanda Mariel
Nadine Millard
Emily Royal
Tabetha Waite
Emily Windsor
Elizabeth Ellen Carter

You can purchase it here for 0.99.

This Jill Shalvis is a good time.

In this book, our focus is Quinn, a chef in northern California who has a fairly settled life. She’s got a steady job as a sous chef in a upscale restaurant, and a routine so defined that the barista at her coffee shop delivers her coffee without an order.

Part of that routine is that she’s walking around in a shroud of mourning. Two years previously, her sister Beth was killed suddenly in a car accident. There are sisters who are bonded simply through blood or family history, and then there are sisters who are bonded through those things as well as their hearts. It’s clear that Beth and Quinn were the latter, and when Beth died, Quinn lost some of herself.

Quinn is shocked out of her fog when a lawyer comes and tells her that the life she knows is wrong. The way Shalvis presents it, it’s as though Quinn’s life is a tree trunk and all of the lawyer’s statements are an axe attempting to fell it.

You’re actually adopted. *whack* Your birth mother was trying to make contact with you, but it was a closed adoption, and she recently died from cancer before you guys could reunite. *whack* Your birth mother left you property in Wildstone, CA, a town you’ve never heard of and you’re now in charge of it. *wack* Which means you have to leave your life for a bit and deal with it. *wack* Oh, and by the way, you have a teenage sister. *timberrrrrrr*

You can get it for 1.99 (use our Buy link) here.

All three of these books are beloved by historical romance readers. You can get this box set for just 4.99 here.

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