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This historical romance is steamy and intricately plotted. It’s a DIK for us! Our reviewer wrote: The intricate plotting and characterization are simply marvelous, and I look forward to seeing more in this vein from Christina Dodd. It’s a great pleasure when an author you’ve followed over many years, and already liked, makes such a tremendous advance in her craft. For those who like to see stories with all the cogs and gears of a well-made pocket watch, and for all those with a nostalgia for Gothic tales, I highly recommend this book.

It’s at Amazon for 1.99 here.

Summer, Paris, and Sarah Morgan adds up to a lovely escapist read. To celebrate their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, Grace planned a surprise getaway in Paris for her and her husband. But now he has a surprise of his own: he wants a divorce. Reeling from the shock but refusing to be broken, Grace makes the bold decision to go to Paris alone.

Audrey, a young woman from London, left behind her own heartache when she arrived in Paris. Working in a bookshop seems like her ticket to freedom, but with no money and terrible French, she may wind up spending the summer wandering the cobbled streets alone . . . until she meets Grace, and everything changes.

Grace can’t believe how daring young Audrey is. Audrey can’t believe how cautious newly single Grace is. Living in neighboring apartments, this unlikely pair offer each other just what they’ve both been missing. They came to Paris to find themselves, but finding this unbreakable friendship might be the best thing that’s ever happened to them . . .

It’s at Amazon for 2.99 here.

This contemporary romance got a B from us. We wrote: I can confirm that the feelings evoked by That Deep River Feeling are by and large ones of pleasure, gentleness, and contentment.

It’s at Amazon for 1.99 here.

This is a hot, smart historical romance. Here’s our B+ review. We wrote: In the newest book by Miranda Neville the plot device in question is the revenge plot, and what can I say? It works just fine, and the resulting romance is both moving and fun to read.

It’s at Amazon for 1.99 here.

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