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We love this series. About the first book, we wrote: The chemistry between the leads is fantastic. Their every interaction is permeated with a subtle tension, the kind that seems to sizzle as you read. 

This two book box set is on sale for 2.99 here.

This is a 4.5 review at Amazon. We wrote: As a lengthy, meaty Medieval that draws you into the period, A Tapestry of Dreams was a fine read.

It’s on sale for 1.99 here.


We liked this one. We wrote: The beginning of A Walk in the Park was a bit slow for me. Add into the mix a secret baby plot and I wasn’t sure how much I would like this. But fairly soon I realized I was smiling. And instead of taking copious notes for my review, I was reading and enjoying the book. Not only is this good, it’s lovely.

It’s on sale for 2.99 here.

Looking for hot and spicy! Here you go. We wrote: Wouldn’t every heterosexual woman secretly love to have her world rocked by a bona fide porn star? A guy who knows his way around the…sheets? Stinger by Mia Sheridan scratches a bit of that fantasy itch before morphing into something completely different and unexpected.

It’s on sale at Amazon for 2.99 here.


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