Today’s Steals and Deals at AAR…..

Whoa. TWO AAR top 100 books in one and for just 3.99!

Here’s our DIK review of Dream Man.

Here’s our DIK review of Night Moves.

You can get this duo at Amazon for 3.99 here.

This lovely fantasy romance is a DIK for us.  It’s subtly sexy, delightful and loads of fun.

You can get it at Amazon for 1.99 here.

This medieval historical romance is INTENSE. It’s a familiar plot – the fair damsel being rescued from a fate worse than death by the man who should be her enemy. In Outlaw, Lisa Jackson blends elements of a Robin Hood-like tale to create a fast-paced plot laced with danger and intrigue. With its strong, independent characters and its vivid descriptions, Outlaw is a satisfying read.

You can get it at Amazon for 3.99 here.

This debut novel is a strong romantic suspense story. The plot was interesting, even when you could see what was coming, and the relationship between Ava and Dane was believable, as well as tangible. Ava’s backstory was particularly well thought-out, and unexpectedly tied in to current events in the story in a way that impressed me.

You can get it at Amazon for 3.99 here.

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