Today’s Steals and Deals at AAR…..

We told you: Get ready for holiday anthologies. This one has several authors we love!

You can get it here for 1.99!


This is the first in a very good series by Zoe York. We gave it a DIK.

Ex-firefighter and current EMT Owen Kincaid lives with his teenage daughter, Becca, who has fallen pregnant by her boyfriend Hayden.  Hayden has made it clear – multiple times – to Becca during their rocky relationship that his dream of NHL glory means more to him than her or any incipient baby, so eighteen-year-old Becca is stuck between a rock and a hard place, her plans for moving out of Owen’s house to attend college dashed.  Owen sympathizes – after all, Becca was the result of a teenage pregnancy herself and he’s only thirty-seven – but he knows Hayden will not help and can only brace himself and try to help Becca cope.

Owen hires Kerry Humphrey as Becca’s midwife.  New in town and looking for a fresh direction for her life, Kerry resents Owen’s hovering and micromanaging when it comes to her care of Becca.  They fight, they become friends – and soon they become lovers. But Kerry wants kids while Owen is done with his child rearing years (and has taken measures to ensure that they will stay behind him), and in any case, Kerry can’t pursue a love affair with her patient’s dad – so what do they do now?

Reckless at Heart is a fine contemporary romance about the unexpected curveballs life can throw at you. It – and its main characters – are refreshingly likeable, and their romance moves at a gripping but realistic pace. Their differences are settled in a realistic manner, and they actually speak to one another like adults and without undue melodrama.

It’s free here.


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