Today’s Steals and Deals at AAR…..

Coles’ Immortals After Dark series is an excellent time. Two are on sale today.

No Rest for the Wicked is at Amazon for 1.99 here.

Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night is at Amazon for 1.99 here.

Our reviewer couldn’t stop smiling when she read I Was Told It Would Get Easier. It’s a DIK at AAR.

It’s at Amazon for 1.99 here.

We love Lisa Jewel’s thrillers. This one is a DIK at AAR.

You can get it at Amazon for 2.99 here

There are several great thrillers on sale today as well.

We gave Her Only Mistake a rave review.

It’s at Amazon for 1.99 here.

We also really liked Heather Gudenkauf’s This Is How I Lied. 

It’s at Amazon for 2.99 here.

You can see all our current deals at our Amazon storefront here.

As an Amazon Affiliate, we earn a very small percentage of whatever you buy using our links. And remember, we get a percentage of EVERYTHING in your cart when you’ve begun your shopping with our links. That tiny sliver of money is what enables us to stay on line, so please, visit our links and click through to Amazon. Thanks!

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