Today’s Steals and Deals at AAR…..

We gave this a B+. Our reviewer wrote: Well-written with likeable characters who share fantastic chemistry, all in a story that avoids all of the most eye-rolling New Adult clichés, I very much recommend Best Kind of Broken…

It’s on sale for 1.99 here.


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It seems like every single one of Ranney’s books, at some point, goes on sale. This is the first time in a while I’ve seen this one. We gave it a B. In my review I wrote: Ms. Ranney shares a wealth of knowledge about Scotland, the Civil War, ballooning, and 19th century beliefs about mysticism. Veronica and Montgomery develop – with the exception of their moronic moment – a charming, passionate relationship. I liked them as a couple and enjoyed seeing them both move beyond the tragedies in their pasts.

It’s on sale for 1.99 here.

In general, Carla Kelly can do no wrong. This is yet another one of her DIKs at AAR. Our reviewer wrote: Oh, this book! I started reading it, just intending to get through the first couple of chapters, and then couldn’t put it down until I finished it. It is quiet and sweet, with a plot that really moves both the reader and the story. Both Susanna and Joseph (Joe) have very troubled pasts, and they both have to work their way through the trauma before they can be together. Add that to the setting, at an army fort during a series of battles in Wyoming leading up to the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876, there is plenty happening on both the personal level and the worldly one.

It’s on sale for 1.99 here.

Ever since the insane success of Bridgerton, Quinn’s novels are rarely on sale. This is an earlier one and I think it holds up. We gave it a B. In our review we said: To Catch an Heiress has what we expect from Julia Quinn. Some funny moments, some touching moments, and lots of quality dialogue…. all in all, To Catch an Heiress is very good fun.

It’s 4.99 here.


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