AAR Aid (2005)

aaraidWe raised more than $10,900 for victims of Hurricane Katrina! Thank you all for participating so generously.


AAR Aid was created to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina through a series of auctions on eBay through MissionFish. Three sets of auctions on126 lots were bid upon and sold to very 73 happy readers and writers, helping us raise nearly $11,000 for some of the hundreds of thousands of victims whose lives were destroyed by this hurricane. We extend our great thanks for the extreme generosity of those who participated, including AAR’s own Sandy Coleman, Teresa Galloway, Lynn Spencer, and Linda Hurst, whose tireless efforts made AAR Aid possible.

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Karen Arp
Laura Balanko
David G. Beausang
Mary Bly
Alberta Brewer
Dotty Brooker
P. Bradyhouse
Lori Bryde
Catherine Buehner
Darcel Burkhalter
Amy L. Cable
Candace Call
Meredith Cleary
Diana Coleman
Sandy Coleman
Sue Conley
Deborah Craton
Lyssa Davis
Wendy Drew, owner of Rose’s Bookhouse
Sandra Eldridge
Maureen Fenstermaker
Kathleen Nitsche
Melissa Nix
Evelyn Nodal
Georgine Olson, the Alaska Librarian
Kimberley Owen
M. Palmer
Robin Flaig
Jill Freeze
Pat Geurts
Gabrielle Halfacre
Matthew Harding
D. H.
Susan Hazelmann
Laura Hennen
S. H.
K. K.
Linda Kimmel
James Kirby
Lavinia Klein
Lina Lindgren (from RBL)
Vicki Lukas
Caroline Massie
Cynthia Morgan
Cheryl Mullins
Charlotte Neward
Priscilla Payne
Nicky Penttila
Twila Price
Elizabeth Reimer
Wendy Rigney
Myretta Robens
Laura Sango
Cindy Smith
Candace Spoon
A. S.
Amy Swartz
Lay-Ping Tan
Scott Timney
Sandra Trepka
Laura Troutman
Janet Trumper-Whitney
Jo-Ann Walmsley
Kelly Watson
Sherry Weddle
Charles Whitaker
Nancy Williams
Deborah Zupancic
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Michele Albert
Victoria Alexander
Jennifer Archer
Jennifer Ashley/Ashley Gardner
Adele Ashworth
Mary Balogh
C.J. Barry
Robin Bayne
Elizabeth Bevarly
Toni Blake
Elizabeth Boyle
Laurie Breton
Kate Bridges
Terri Brisbin
Pamela Britton
Connie Brockway
Mary Burton
Meg Cabot
Gayle Callen
Liz Carlyle
Leslie Carroll
Loretta Chase
Brenda Chin
Beth Cornelison
Millie Criswell
MaryJanice Davidson
Lucienne Diver
Elizabeth English
Marcia Evanick
Katherine Garbera
Amy Garvey
Olivia Gates
Rachel Gibson
Blythe Gifford
Christine Golden
Erin Grady
Susan Grant
Tracy Grant
Elena Greene
Laura Lee Guhrke
Karen Harbaugh
Karen Hawkins
Joyce Henderson
Candice Hern
Rita Herron
Sandra Hill
Cindy Hwang
Jackie Ivie
Eloisa James
Samantha James
Marianna Jameson
Sabrina Jeffries
Shirley Jump
Virginia Kantra
Catherine Kean
Anne Kelleher
Leslie Kelly
Julie Kenner
Jenna Kernan
Lisa Kleypas
H.R. Knight
Elizabeth Lane
Julie Elizabeth Leto
Kimberley Logan
Kathleen Long
Catherine Mann
Liz Maverick
Mary Reed McCall
Susan McCarty
Teresa Medeiros
Janet Mullany
Catherine Mulvany
Brenda Novak
Kathleen O’Reilly
Robin D. Owens
Jenna Peterson
Julia Quinn
Deborah Raleigh
Cheryl Reavis
Nora Roberts
Myretta Robens
JoAnne Rock
Pam Rosenthal
Sandra Schwab
E.C. Sheedy
Deborah Simmons
Donna Simpson
Susan Squires
Roxanne St. Claire
Marianne Stillings
Cheryl St. John
Mariah Stewart
Karen Templeton
Colleen Thompson
Lori Wilde
Eileen Wilks

eBay requires that auctions to benefit charities be conducted through MissionFish, the charitable organization they’ve selected to make certain that buyers are protected and that auctions truly benefit the designated charities. However, working within this program and with MissionFish does involve the payment of greater fees and higher overhead costs than strictly for-profit auctions. As such, in order to conduct these auctions through eBay and therefore MissionFish, our donation rate was set at 90%, a concession to their higher fees and costs. But any additional proceeds above and beyond eBay and MissionFish fees and postage and handling costs are being donated to the American Red Cross.