A Quickie from Lisa Kleypas

Author Lisa Kleypas has been a long-time reader of Laurie’s News & Views. Upon reading the forced seduction portion of Issue #31 of my column, she sent this to me and I’d like to share it with you:

Of all controversial issues to explore, this one is particularly difficult because it is so difficult for people of both genders to distinguish between reality and fantasy. I completely agree with you that the concept of forced seduction does not exist in real life – no one can “make” you respond passionately against your will, and any sexual act that involves real physical force is definitely rape. However, the fantasy of forced seduction works for me and obviously for many other readers. In this fantasy scenario, a woman is overcome by a combination of passion and pleasure that is too strong to deny, and the fact that she is being compelled means that she has no responsibility other than to enjoy what is happening.I must add, though, that even in the context of a romance novel/fantasy, forced seduction must not have too much force. I feel strongly that the writer must effectively show that the sexual act is really desired on both sides, and also that if it came to the point that the heroine still refuses the hero just before penetration, he would not proceed with what then becomes rape.

As a writer and reader, I have to believe that a deep mutual respect exists between the hero and heroine in a romance, and that no matter what form their passion takes, the heroine is never really forced to do something she doesn’t want to do.

Lisa Kleypas


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