Glomming Without Having Read Syndrome

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Rebecca Ekmark (
I was relieved to hear that I’m not the only book horder who doesn’t read a series until the whole thing has been published. Nothing delights me more than to discover a series in which every book has already been released. Then I can read every book in order while I still care about the characters involved, and I can remember what the heck is going on. Sometimes a year or so goes by until the next book in a series is released, and by then I have read over 100 books, so how am I supposed to remember exactly who or what is involved?

On the same subject, how many books have you collected that you just weren’t in the mood to read when you brought them home? I have dozens that I have purchased, and they are sitting on my shelves (which are now heaving unter the strain) just waiting for me to pick them up, and finally be in the right frame of mind to read them.

I’m thankful that we live in a world where there is so much published we couldn’t possibly read it all – but I surely will try.



Jan Hoehner (
I usually only tend to do this (GWHR – glomming without having read) with books in a series. If I pick up a book by a new author and then discover it belongs in a series of books I have to go back and get all the books in the series before I can read it. I have to read them in order or I just won’t read them. Otherwise I only glom books after I have read at least one book by an author.



Judith Blush (
I GWHR often. It’s also not often I’m disappointed. When you are on line you become familiar with those who like what you like, read authors you read. A friend recommended Tamara Leigh’s Bride series to me. I had never read her books but picked up all four of the medieval bride books. They have been in the huge TBR bookcase until about 4 days ago. When I finally pulled them out and read them. I was not disappointed. I have a few other authors I have done that with, I might pick up 2-3-4 books to fill out a series by that author then I might buy a few that sound really good. I don’t usually buy every back list book, unless there are only a few.



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