Reviews by Heather Brooks

The Duchess Diaries

Every once and a while, I review one of those books that takes forever to read because it completely fails to capture my attention in any way, shape, or form. I drag through it, often become irritated by little things, and pray fervently that it doesn’t induce a slump. Unfortunately, Jillian Hu ...

Cowboy Come Home

For me, Western romances are almost always a gamble; sometimes it's worth it and sometimes it isn’t. I didn’t find what I was looking for in Cowboy Come Home, which came as a disappointment resulting from an unlikeable hero and a serious lack of momentum. Trey March has never ...

Yours, Unexpectedly

Sometimes it’s awfully hard to suspend your own personal reality and preconceived notions when reading contemporary romances. However, if the writing is good and the story is interesting it can happen and, luckily, it happened for me when reading Yours, Unexpectedly, the last installment in the Wi ...


Kresley Cole is one of the few writers I know the release dates for and usually pre-order her books so I can start reading that very day. Needless to say, I’m slightly addicted to the IAD series and have been waiting for Lothaire for a long, long time and I wasn’t disappointed.Lothaire, The ...

A Bewitching Bride

I have a weakness for historical stories set in Scotland, but I often end up dissatisfied; when I find one that’s good, it’s a pleasant surprise. With its Victorian time frame and Scottish setting, interesting premise, and dash of paranormal, Elizabeth Thornton’s A Bewitching Bride unfortunat ...

The Edge of Night

When I first opened this book I expected just another run of the mill, romantic suspense novel with a cop hero and his bad girl heroine. What I got instead were believable characters, a unique setting that presented realistic problems, and writing that pulled it all together to create a story I didn ...

Eternal Prey

Eternal Prey starts strong with an action-packed scene that grabs attention and pulls you right into the world building of the Gods of the Night series. But as events slow, the plot bogs down with a multitude of characters, unclear storylines, and fantastical elements that went above and beyond wha ...

Reaper's Justice

This is one of those books that's incredibly difficult to grade because on one hand I liked it, but on the other there are problems that are extremely difficult to ignore. Often, the points that I enjoyed within the story were essentially the sources of the problems.Created as a killing machine ...

Eternal Flame

I have a fondness for Cynthia Eden’s heroes and I generally find the darkness of her stories intensely entertaining. Saying that, I found this one to be simply average and I longed for more in terms of characterization and actual romance. I read this book one week ago, got distracted, and needed ...

Scandal of the Year

Sometimes nothing hits the spot better than a bad girl out to get her good boy. Though I use the terms girl and boy here, make no mistake that Laura Lee Guhrke’s Scandal of the Year is a mature story, well-worth the angst involved.Trapped in a bad marriage with little hope of escaping ...