Reviews by Tess VanBroekhuizen

Pleasure Me

Monica Burns' latest is an excellent read about two characters with problems that have been intensified by the cruelty of those around them. I greatly enjoyed this character and dialogue-driven novel and was certainly able to sympathize with the main characters as well as share in their triumph of f ...

Sin and Surrender

When it comes to historical romance, I usually stick to the Regency period. However, after reading Julia Latham’s Sin and Surrender, I feel inspired to delve into the world of medieval romance! The story was great, and Latham really managed to write some interesting personalities. The hero and her ...

An Accidental Seduction

As a whole, I enjoyed An Accidental Seduction. It is not a story I will soon forget because it has many unique elements. But I almost want to give this book two grades - one for the first half and one for the second. The story starts off very well. Savanna and Sean have some great high-chemistry sce ...

Taken by Midnight

Taken by Midnight is eighth in Adrian’s Midnight Breed series. As this is my first of the series, my review may be drastically different from one who has read all the books. Lara Adrian did an excellent job of making the world of The Order come alive to a first-time reader. However, if I had read ...

Worth the Trip

Worth the Trip has a lot of elements that make it a solid romantic suspense story. The novel opens with Norah McArthur, a psychologist, being interviewed by the quite obnoxious host of Chicago in the Morning, Hollie Roget. Hollie is rather rude and implies that Norah is not qualified to write a book ...