Reviews by Scarlett Barnhill

Black Ties and Lullabies

This is the first book by Jane Graves that I have read. For the first forty pages, I was not at all impressed. However, the novel did pick up and I eventually found myself unable to put it down. Still, that beginning section certainly gave me pause when deciding whether or not I enjoyed the book. ...

A Pug's Tale

I’m afraid this review may be a little bit biased, as I own two pugs myself that I love very dearly. It is also fair for you to know that I have over one hundred pug pictures saved on my computer. That being said, A Pug’s Tale is a good book, pugs aside. I’m sure I would have enjoyed it even i ...

Dangerous in Diamonds

Two of my many passions are standing up for romance novels and also being a feminist. I’ll often argue that even if you have read one romance novel, it does not speak for the entire genre, and one should pick up a good one before passing judgment. This book is precisely the sort of book that would ...

Phoenix Rising

When I was handed this book, I was not so sure that I would like it. As an avid sci-fi/fantasy reader, I have stumbled across my fair share of terrible steampunk. I am ecstatic to report that Phoenix Rising qualifies as excellent steampunk. This, mind you, is coming from a lady who likes to dress u ...

Burning Darkness

I have read the first book in this series, A Perfect Darkness, and found that I preferred that book to Burning Darkness, despite a badass heroine that doesn't take anybody's crap. Nevertheless, I did enjoy reading this action- packed page turner. Fonda Raine is out for revenge. Our he ...

How Sweet It Is

Truth be told, How Sweet It Is had me a little creeped out. Set in a small town with a single mom struggling to get by and figure out her teenaged daughter, it seemed like exactly my cup of tea. However, as I read it, it seemed less and less relatable and more outlandish. Lizzie Car ...