Reviews by Heather Stanton

His Conquest

His Conquest is an ambitious novel. The setup is rife for conflict, both internal and external. Unfortunately while the premise is good and the prose is not terrible, the execution leaves a lot to be desired. The year is 1297 and Seathan MacGruder has been imprisoned and tortured b ...

My Immortal Assassin

Ever jump into a movie about halfway through and spend a good deal of time trying to catch up and figure out just what is happening? And then when the ending comes, you are left confused and annoyed? This was the sensation I had while reading My Immortal Assassin. Here the author ...


Impulsive is an enjoyable contemporary romance set on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. It’s a nice twist on the good girl/bad boy storyline, with a reforming bad girl heroine falling for an uptight hero.Eric Kimura is a button-downed deputy prosecutor with political aspirations to be the island’s ...