Reviews by Ellen Micheletti

Never a Gentleman

If you are a reader who wants the hero to be a sensitive, chivalrous gentleman who falls in love with the heroine in the first chapter and treats her like a goddess (minus a few Big Misunderstandings), you will most likely have issues with Diccan Hilliard. However, if you prefer characters who aren ...

Maisie Dobbs

I really enjoy stories set during World War I and afterward, and am always looking for new ones. One day at the library, I saw a book on display titled Maisie Dobbs. The cover picture featured a young woman wearing a cloche hat, and the blurb promised an interesting story. I checked it out and ended ...

The Werewolf Upstairs

It’s been a long time but I’ve finally read a book that deserves an F grade. Based on the cover and the blurb, I thought The Werewolf Upstairs would be a light paranormal and a fun read. Well, it’s light and it’s paranormal, but reading it was painful. Rosalind Wells' bes ...

The Perfect Mistress

With few exceptions, I don’t like ghosts as characters in novels, and The Perfect Mistress features one fairly prominently. At first I wasn’t happy a bit, but as the story continued I thawed out and found myself charmed by the characters and the story.When Lady Julia Winterset’s husband d ...

On the Hunt

I have been in a ghastly reading slump, my first one ever, and I’ve hated it. I thought that a nice anthology would be just the trick to bring me out of my slump, so I asked for On the Hunt, four tales of shadow creatures and the men and women who hunt them. ...

Seducing the Duchess

I’ll just put my cards on the table right now. I really, really did not like Philip and Charlotte Burgess, the Duke and Duchess of Rutherford. Seducing the Duchess, features an estranged couple who find their way back to each other – a plot I normally like very much – but Philip and Charlott ...


Romance fans who have been asking for something different, here is your book. Warrior is set in Mongolia and the first in a series about the Blades of the Rose, a group of men and women who have banded together to protect magic artifacts from an evil group seeking to harness the powers of magic for ...

Trial by Desire

Trial by Desire is elegantly written. The plot is nice and meaty, the heroine is intelligent and capable and the hero is a tortured soul struggling toward self-knowledge. By all counts I should have loved it, but I ended up only liking it about an average amount.Lady Kathleen Carhart is beautifu ...

Much Ado About Marriage

Much Ado About Marriage is a re-write of One Lucky Lord which Karen Hawkins published in 2000 under the name Kim Bennet. It’s been changed somewhat to tie in with The MacLean Curse series and it introduces The Hurst Amulet series. It’s not that Fia MacLean isn’t grateful ...

Born To Rule

Queen Victoria had nine children and 40 grandchildren. Of her granddaughters, five became queens. They all reigned during tumultuous times and all suffered their share of hardship and disappointment. Julia Gelardi tells the story of these five women in Born to Rule, a fascinating look at a lost era. ...