Reviews by Janet Webb

The Master of Grex

A new book by Joan Wolf is a cause for celebration. Wolf has an incredible backlist - read one of her books and it won’t be your last.Let’s deconstruct the plot of her recent book, The Master of Grex. Daniel Dereham’s entrance into London society is curiously reminiscent of Alexandre Dumas ...

Someone to Care

Be still my heart: Someone to Care is a love story starring two damaged and flawed grownups. Two years after learning that her marriage was bigamous, Viola Kingsley, once the Countess of Riverdale, is by no means recovered. All the love showered on her by her devoted family is not enough to lift her ...

A Rogue of Her Own

How much do I love reading anything by Grace Burrowes—bring ‘em on: novellas, stand-alones, her continuing series. All of the above! When I read A Rogue of Her Own, the fourth and last of the Windham Brides series, my brain was flooded with the phrase, 10 Things I Love About Grace Burrowes. With ...