Reviews by LaVerne St. George

Her Secret

I’ve not read anything by Shelley Shepard Gray before, but Her Secret, the first novel in her new series, illustrates why she’s a popular Christian writer. Her style is smooth and readable, her characters are easy to know, and her stories center on realistic daily life. This is an engaging Amish ...

The One True Love of Alice-Ann

Given the steady-paced, un-romance-like beginning, I was prepared to place The One True Love of Alice-Ann in the general Inspirational Fiction category. After the first chapters, however, the romantic pace picks up and provides a lovely story of how a young girl learns to distinguish between affecti ...

A Note Yet Unsung

I’ve enjoyed several of this author’s books, so I took a break from housework to read a chapter of A Note Yet Unsung. Within the first pages, I decided the housework could wait.  One chapter turned into another. The housework never got done, but the compelling story, vibrant characters, and dee ...