Reviews by Rike Horstmann

Passions of a Wicked Earl

Lorraine Heath is a new author for me, and my impressions are mixed after finishing Passions of a Wicked Earl. The book started in a rather aggravating way, developed some sterling qualities in the middle, and ended in a downward spiral of melodrama. The novel begins with Morgan L ...

Taken by Desire

Taken by Desire begins with a bang: During a house party, Miss Anna Steele walks down a corridor at night to post a letter, only to come across Alexander Struthers leaving her sister Maddie’s room, while Maddie’s very jealous husband Lord Milson, a crack shot, comes from the other direction. On ...

A Countess by Christmas

Annie Burrows is an author who manages to enthrall me whenever I read one of her books. Several have been tearjerkers for me, as Annie Burrows does not shy away from showing selfish and callous behavior and describing deep unhappiness. Yet often I found the novel flawed after I’d finished them: a ...

Trash Course

I love both romances that are heavy on action and books with heroines that kick ass. So when I heard about Trash Course and saw that it added action and kicking ass to a house packed to the brim with old stuff and a sexy photographer, I was hooked and pressed the “Buy” button. I wasn't sorry, as ...

Songs of Love and Death

Truth be told, I mostly got my copy of Songs of Love and Death because it features a story by Linnea Sinclair, an auto-buy author for me. There are stories by a lot of other authors in it that I admire or have heard good things about, so that was an added inducement. All in all it proved a very good ...

The Best Laid Plans

Is is a truth universally acknowledged that every heroine (and hero) of a Harlequin Superromnance must be in want of a baby. But few of these couples go about it as directly, and few romances describe the emotional side of it so realistically and in such down-to-earth fashion as Sarah Mayberry’s T ...

Deadly Promises

Sometimes I pick up an anthology because it contains stories that are connected to series I like; at other times I get started on a new series due to a story in an anthology. With Deadly Promises, neither was the case: While I do not feel prompted to make inroads on any of these authors’ backlists ...

Sunrise Over Texas

There are days when a short romance is the only book that gets a chance to be read, and that’s when I am glad that I can find books like Sunrise Over Texas. If, like in this case, the novel also proves a gripping read that I end up finishing in one sitting, all the better. The ...

Mad About the Duke

Sometimes it’s easy to sum up one’s reaction while reading a book in one word. In the case of Mad About the Duke by Elizabeth Boyle, that word is impatience. I very much wanted the book to end, I put it aside twice, for more than a week each time, and when I had finally reached the last page I f ...

In Pursuit of the Green Lion

There are defining texts in many of romance’s subgenres for me: Novels that may be among the first I read in a subgenre, but, more important, encompass for me all that is fascinating about the subgenre. For historical novels (or romances) set in the Middle Ages, among these texts are the Margaret ...