Reviews by Rachel Finston

Once Dishonored

Once Dishonored the story of a wronged divorcée, and a man trying to redeem his honor after disgrace. It’s an intense, dramatic love story with improbable twists and turns, adventure, and visits from old friends. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable read, though readers may have trouble suspending their ...


Warpaint is the story of Willow Campbell, a Scottish make-up artist who falls in love with a dashing American and allows herself to be swept away in a whirlwind romance. She agrees to marry a man she’s only known for six weeks and sets out for his home in New York City, only to find that his life ...

Loathe at First Sight

I was really excited by the premise of Loathe at First Sight. It’s easy to root for a heroine who is in a hostile environment, and enemies-to-lovers is a well-established trope, especially in the workplace. I liked a lot about the book, but the end was unsatisfying.Melody Joo is a young woman ...