Alaska Force series

Delta Force Defender

Delta Force Defender is book four in Megan Crane's Alaska Force series featuring a group of elite special forces operatives based out of a remote location in Southeast Alaska.  I haven’t read the other books, and although the central romance between Alaska Force leader Isaac Gentry and prickly ca ...

Sniper's Pride

Sniper's Pride was about thirty pages short of a B grade review. I like Ms. Crane's books, for the most part. I was a big fan of her Edge series and thought the Alaska Force books sounded like a good bet, made appealing by the different setting with similarly rugged heroes. And while I did like the ...

SEAL's Honor

I can’t quite decide if SEAL's Honor wants to be a bog standard contemporary romance or a romantic suspense because it flirts with both. The result is enjoyable, but perhaps a touch forgettable. I’m eager to see where Ms. Crane goes with the series, because I think getting to know Blue’s compa ...