Alec Halsey series

AUDIO REVIEW: Deadly Peril

Narrated by Alex Wyndham We first meet Alec Halsey in Deadly Engagement, where he investigates the death of a friend, and then again in Deadly Affair, with another murder and a mystery. Now, Alec is dealing with something completely different - his diplomatic past and the imprisonment and torture ...

Deadly Peril

Deadly Peril, the third of Lucinda Brant’s Georgian era Alec Halsey Mysteries, is possibly the best yet. And that’s saying something, because the preceding books - Deadly Engagement and Deadly Affair are both excellent, engrossing reads boasting tightly written, well thought-out plots, a colourf ...

Deadly Affair

Narrated by Alex Wyndham In Deadly Affair, the second book in Lucinda Brant’s series of Alec Halsey Mysteries, listeners are again immersed in the world of Georgian London so skilfully evoked by the author, whose love for and detailed research into the period shine through at every turn. Her de ...