American Revolution

Twin Willows

When publishers print the genre of a book on the spine, they really ought to call a spade a spade. Twin Willows is clearly labeled as a romance, but in my mind it most definitely isn't. Similarly, the back cover has a synopsis that sounds like a romance, but it is actually nothing like the plot of t ...

The Beloved One

The Beloved One is one of those books that I could hardly make myself put down. You know how it is; you are supposed to eat and sleep now and then, but you'd much rather be reading! When I have that feeling, I know I have a desert isle keeper on my hands. Practically perfect from start to finish, Th ...

The Beloved One

I so enjoyed reading The Beloved One; there were so many things about that I just loved. I loved the Cinderella storyline where we first encounter the heroine, Amy Leighton, literally in the ashes. I loved the setting - America at the beginning of the Revolutionary War and Georgian England (such a r ...