Amish romance

Home by Dark

I'm not sure I’d call Home by Dark an Amish romance, but it’s definitely Amish-adjacent. The book is set in Pennsylvania Amish Country, where the author is from, and like the her, many of the characters have Pennsylvania Dutch roots. I tend to be wary of Amish books, but I did like the setting i ...

A Springtime Heart

A Springtime Heart is a perfectly sweet romance between two former 'wild children' trying to fit back in with the culture of their native communities.  The only thing that really holds it back is occasionally dull narrative voice, which often comes off as pedestrian. The once-rebellious Dorcas B ...

Sunshine and Shadow

I owe Sharon and Tom Curtis a great debt. Their romance classic The Windflower is my absolute favorite romance, and I have read it many, many times over the years both for entertainment and for comfort. Sunshine and Shadow I have read twice – once right after I discovered their writing ten years a ...