House of Earth and Blood

Narrated by Elizabeth Evans Anyone who listens to or reads Fantasy novels on a regular basis is probably familiar with the work of Sarah J. Maas, but if you're not, I've got the perfect introduction to her writing for you. With House of Earth and Blood, the first book in a brand-new series intend ...

Guardian Demon

I can't say I would happily die tomorrow, but if I did, I could rest a little easier in the knowledge that Michael from Meljean Brook's Guardian series finally got his well-deserved HEA, and that one of my favorite series ended on high note. Guardians are super-powered humans, conscrip ...

Angel Thief

Sometimes I read a book, and it's so incredibly good or so incredibly bad that the review practically writes itself. Not so here. This novella definitely has its good parts, but there just isn't enough there. It really could have been enjoyable, but in its current form, it reads more like an outline ...