Angie Pallorino series

The Girl in the Moss

Loreth Anne White's two Angie Pallorino novels, The Drowned Girls and The Lullaby Girl received high praise here at AAR. The third and final book in the trilogy releases this month, and Maggie Boyd and Dabney Grinnan - both fans of the author's work - read The Girl in the Moss and are here to share ...

The Lullaby Girl

I have been eagerly awaiting the next release in Loreth Anne White’s new Angie Pallorino series ever since I finished the first book, The Drowned Girls.  Not only did that book contain an extremely compelling and densely plotted mystery surrounding a serial killer nicknamed ‘The Baptist’ and ...

The Drowned Girls

The Drowned Girls - the first book in Loreth Anne White’s Angie Pallorino series - is a superbly plotted, intense romantic thriller which sees the heroine trying to come to terms with family problems, the recent death of her work-partner and concerns about her own mental health - all while contin ...