The Dark Knight

As a fan of medieval romances, I’m so, so excited to have discovered this buried treasure. Venetian nobleman Dante Chiaveri’s parents were murdered by his grasping uncle, so Dante and his sister fled to England, where Dante grew up to fill the role of the King’s Assassin. Everything is in p ...

I Am Justice

I Am Justice is book one in Diana Munoz Stewart's Black Ops Confidential series. It's an action-packed tale with a satisfying romance, but it's not entirely realistic. Fortunately, I was pretty invested in the story and enjoyed it well enough - even if I did roll my eyes on a few occasions. Not e ...

Shield of Winter

After a while it gets hard to judge books in a series. When the author delivers exactly what we want the books can be repetitious. When the author delivers something new fans can become rabid, snarling beasts that didn’t get the “fix” they were looking for. This is the thirteenth full length n ...