Bareknuckle Bastards series

Daring and the Duke

Before I kick off anything else, this is absolutely a “your mileage may vary” kind of book. As the third one in a series, the emotional weight of this work is going to depend on your engagement with the other works. I think I read the previous two - I’m sure I did, actually, but they’ve fall ...

Brazen and the Beast

Brazen and the Beast is vintage Sarah MacLean.  Which is, for me, a good thing.  I was completely absorbed in the romance, which is perfectly paced and gets off to a good start, but unfortunately, not everything else is as good and the villains (except one, who features in the next book) are under ...

Wicked and the Wallflower

I was predisposed to like Wicked and the Wallflower:  I love a great wallflower, especially if she’s also smart, feisty, curious and passionate and wicked, anti-heroes are my romance catnip - the naughtier the better.  Do your worst romance authors, I’ll love him anyway; and, I’m a fan of Ms ...