Be My Baby Tonight

Kasey Michaels' Be My Baby Tonight was a fun surprise. I have read and enjoyed her traditional Regency Romances, but had never read one of her contemporary releases. So I requested to review this book without knowing much about it. I soon realized two things: the hero is a baseball player and the sp ...

Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect has a serious issue at the center of its plot: the sickle cell anemia disease that afflicts far too many African Americans. The central question at the center of this book is, should a young woman in love push aside a chance at happiness because of the disease? Photographer Ca ...


Honey is a sweet slice of late Victorian Americana. It deftly mixes comedy and angst and features a spunky (but ladylike) heroine and a strong (but tortured) hero along with a fine group of supporting characters. Best of all, for a sports lover like me, most of the book takes place during the baseba ...