Beloved series

Beloved Warrior

Patricia Potter has all of her Ts crossed and Is dotted in the final installment of her Beloved series. There can be no argument that she can write well, with wonderful description, good pacing, and three demensional characters. However, in romance, if there isn’t a spark between the leads, and th ...

Beloved Stranger

Beloved Stranger is a wonderful cabin romance featuring a hero and heroine who are both thoroughly decent, upstanding people. I'm not the biggest fan of Scots romances (with the exception of the Outlander series), but I love books where the characters are good people trying to do the right thing. ...

Beloved Impostor

I have long considered Patricia Potter to be a buried treasure. I've seldom seen her books discussed at any length, but she's been out there for years, dependably writing thoughtful, entertaining books. While none that I've read have been DIKs for me, nearly all have been B level reads. That said, h ...