Blades of the Rose series


I'll admit it. I love cheesy adventure films. Most especially, cheesy treasure hunting adventure films. From quality films like Raiders of the Lost Ark to not so memorable films like Congo I love 'em all. It is rare that a book captures the sense of adventure, mystery and excitement that a treasure ...


I would have bought Scoundrel, the second volume in Zoë Archer’s Blades of the Rose series, for the setting alone: Most of its pages are spent on a small sailing boat island-hopping in the Aegean Sea – can you imagine anything more romantic? With lots of adventures magical and otherwise, it’s ...


Romance fans who have been asking for something different, here is your book. Warrior is set in Mongolia and the first in a series about the Blades of the Rose, a group of men and women who have banded together to protect magic artifacts from an evil group seeking to harness the powers of magic for ...