Bridesmaids Behaving Badly series

Merrily Ever After

In this absolutely charming holiday novella from Jenny Holiday, Jay and Elise are looking forward to their first Christmas together as a married couple. The joy is paused, however, when Elise finds out she’s pregnant - against all of their plans and previously stated desires - and the turmoil is n ...

It Takes Two

Jenny Holiday’s series about a group of self-proclaimed Lost Girls whose weddings cause romantic chaos in each other’s lives takes us into the wedding of book one’s heroine, Jane. While she deals with her out-of-control plans, her best friend begins to fall back into love with her brother… a ...

One and Only

My experience reading Jenny Holiday to date has been an enjoyable one, with two of her more recent releases, Famous and Infamous, ending up on my favorites of 2017 list. This sets up pretty high expectations for anything new she puts out, and fortunately she lives up to those with the first romance ...