Buchanan / Renard / MacKenna series

The Ideal Man

The difference in price between mass market paperbacks and hard covers is rather remarkable. Given that I rarely buy books new, even at $7.99, the idea of paying full price for a hardcover makes me wince. Julie Garwood’s newest contemporary romantic suspense, The Ideal Man, is a hardcover release, ...

Fire and Ice

Unlike most Julie Garwood readers I've encountered, I am more familiar with her contemporary romantic suspense books than I am with her historicals. From my understanding, her RS books are not quite as well received – but as someone who has never read one of her historicals, I found Fire and Ice p ...


I've heard people gripe about Garwood's jump from historicals to contemporaries, but I'm not one of them. Killjoy is a perfect example of why I'm glad she made the leap. Here's a fast-paced tale of suspense that is balanced with a great romance. Talent agent Carrie Salvetti has been given a free ...