Camelot series

Along Came Trouble

Readers often complain about the abundance of seemingly perfect heroines in so many romance novels. That’s definitely not a problem here. In this second entry in the author’s Camelot series set in the fictional college town of Camelot, Ohio, both the primary and secondary heroine are prickly, st ...

Making It Last

I don’t read short stories or novellas and avoid marriage-in-trouble books. If I’d realized this was a novella about a 14-year marriage that’s in trouble I never would have picked it for review. Sometimes ignorance truly is bliss. While definitely not what I expected, this was a powerful, touc ...

Flirting with Disaster

I am a fan of Ruthie Knox's works. Her books are filled with characters it's easy to care for, zingy conversations, smoking love scenes, and realistic relational conundrums. Thus I am not a whit surprised I like her latest, Flirting with Disaster, the third book in her Camelot series. This consisten ...