Well, I did something this week that I promised myself I never would do. I read two Judith Duncan books in a row, and I really can't say that I'm sorry. I was contacted last week by a lady who's a Judith Duncan reader like me, and in her e-mail, she mentioned that one of her favorite Judith Duncan b ...

Better Than Before

This week seems to have been the week for finding gut-wrenching stories, and this one is just as good as the other two. I tried several times over the past few months to read this book, but it just never caught my interest until the other night. Guess I was in the mood for it and I definitely can't ...

Loving Wild

Lisa Ann Verge is known for her historical romances and her historical fantasy romances; Loving Wild is her first foray into the world of contemporary and series romance. When I'm looking for a good road romance, I know I can turn to Lisa and find one. Loving Wild is a nice evening's r ...