Carhart series

This Wicked Gift

This Wicked Gift is, I believe, Courtney Milan's first published work, and is an introductory novella to her Carhart books. In it, Miss Lavinia Spencer is caring for her sick father and her younger brother as well as running their family business, a circulating library. Money is incredibly tight, bu ...

Trial by Desire

Trial by Desire is elegantly written. The plot is nice and meaty, the heroine is intelligent and capable and the hero is a tortured soul struggling toward self-knowledge. By all counts I should have loved it, but I ended up only liking it about an average amount. Lady Kathleen Carhart is beautifu ...

Proof by Seduction

As debuts go, this is very, very good. As books go, I can recommend Proof by Seduction to you, but only with a few provisos. Jenny Keeble is a fraud. She calls herself Madame Esmerelda and, with no hidden magic that resurfaces when she least expects and no slumbering telepathic gene that transmit ...