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Royalist on the Run

I have to say, if I fell in love with a man and he abruptly ended our betrothal and dumped me in favor of another woman, I wouldn't be too happy.  And if he showed up on my doorstep years later and asked me to help him with his child from said other woman, I can think of things I would say, but non ...

The Sheikh's Destiny

A North Africa-set sheikh romance with a heroine who is also Arab? Sign me up! Alim El-Kanar, sheikh of Abbas Al-Din, has spent the years since his older brother’s tragic death driving medical supplies through a war-torn region of the Sahel desert in northern Africa. Hana al-Sud, from Alim’s ...

APB: Baby

APB: Baby is the first volume in Julie Miller's new series about the Kansas City Police Department, The Precinct: Bachelors in Blue. As usual with Miller, it is carried over from her last series, The Precinct: Cold Case, with the the leads from Kansas City Cover-Up getting married in the very first ...