Chance of a LIfetime series

Best of Luck

Continuing with the lucky theme that runs throughout the fantastic Chance of a Lifetime series, Best of Luck proves three’s a charm; good things do come in threes; and it's a magic number.   While all the books are uniformly good, featuring likeable and relatable principal characters, secondary ...

Luck of the Draw

Before I begin this review let me remind you how I felt about the first book in the Chance of a Lifetime series, Beginner’s Luck:  IT BLEW ME AWAY.  I loved everything about it (especially its leading man), including the premise that sets up the trilogy - three close friends enjoy a boozy night ...

Beginner's Luck

The premise of Kate Clayborn’s  Chance of a Lifetime series is simple:  three close friends (Ekaterina, Zoe, and Greer) impulsively buy a lottery ticket and win.  The purchase is a mostly vague memory - they’d all had a bit too much to drink, and no one is quite sure whose idea it was the buy ...