Channel Fleet trilogy

Marrying the Royal Marine

What is special about historical romance is that in the hands of the right author it can transport you to love in another time, another place. Carla Kelly is exactly that type of writer, able to bring the Regency Era to life and people it with honorable, amazing characters that make you fall in love ...

The Surgeon's Lady

This is a very lucky year for Carla Kelly fans: two new books to enjoy, after years of more occasional publishing. If you've read Kelly before, you know her books stand out. In a veritable sea of Duke This and Earl That, she writes about ordinary people who fall in love. Her language is never canned ...

Marrying the Captain

Carla Kelly can do no wrong! It’s a rare treat to read a novel with the perfect blend of wit, charm, humility and intelligence. I could be referring to anything on Kelly’s backlist as they all fit the bill. But I am charged with reviewing Marrying the Captain. A sweeter job cannot be found. L ...