Charleston Thrashers series

Bench Player

It’s hard for me to write a review that is as enthusiastic and upbeat as this book deserves, because things are so tough everywhere right now. But that means when I tell you it transported me out of my home and made me extremely happy for a few hours of coronavirus social distancing, you should ta ...

Team Player

I had some trepidation picking up this latest book from Julianna Keyes. Not because I don’t enjoy the author's work - I do.  Not because it’s about baseball, which is boring.  Friends.  It is.  And not because anything about it sounded bad or not good or uninteresting.  I was nervous becaus ...

The Backup Plan

I picked the new audio version of this 2005 release for a mini-review for the Speaking of Audiobooks column. By the time I finished listening, I realized that I liked it so much, that I felt it deserved a full review. Filled with fully developed characters, a good sense of place, and an interesting ...