Charley Davidson Series

Third Grave Dead Ahead

I enjoyed the last book in the series and was excited to review this third entry featuring Charley Davidson, private investigator and grim reaper. Unfortunately, this didn’t live up to the previous book. Yes, all of the characters I enjoyed in the previous book are back again. But while I found th ...

Second Grave on the Left

What would you do if you could see dead people? If you could learn their whole life story as they passed through you into the light? Charley Davidson is using just such a power to help the living and the dead. In her private PI practice, ghostly informers have turned out to be a world of help. And i ...

First Grave on the Right

"I see dead people" has got to be one of the most famous movie lines of all time. Recounting the number of puns I have seen made of this infamous line would be nigh on impossible. But imagine if you actually did see dead people. All the jokes probably wouldn't be as funny then. Charley Davidson r ...