Chicago Rebels series

Undone by You

The Chicago Rebels series normally focuses on one of the three sisters who own the Chicago Rebels NHL Franchise, but in this novella, Ms. Meader pauses and focuses instead of two of the organization’s gentlemen; the General Manager and a player. It’s a boss/employee story with the added layer of ...

So Over You

Kate Meader has been a reliable source of sexy contemporary romances, having written about chefs, firefighters, and now hockey players taking center ice. The Chicago Rebels series, all standalone romances but with a continuing background story arc, details a struggling NHL franchise and their make-o ...

Irresistible You

Kate Meader steps into the world of contemporary sports romance with the heartfelt, sexy, entertaining, and refreshingly different Irresistible You, the first book in her Chicago Rebels series. You will not find the often-characterized hockey playboy in this engaging love story, but rather a mature ...