Hard Ride

‘Tis a good day to be a romance book reviewer; A.M. Arthur hath stole my heart. (Post-reading afterglows bring out the poet in me.) I’m not sure how Arthur’s Clean Slate Ranch series has escaped my notice, but now that I’ve found her, I shan’t let her go. Sweet ‘n’ steamy gay interr ...

Unbreak Me

Unbreak Me is a blistering romance; searing and brutal and yet tender and sweet.  There are moments of gentleness that will melt you – but much of the book is a bruising indictment of a legal system that allows rapists to go free, and the government structures that caused the levées to break dur ...

Montana Sky

While some of Roberts’ newest releases have rubbed me the wrong way, I have quite a few of her books sitting on my keeper shelf. One of those is Montana Sky, a terrific romantic suspense thriller set on a picturesque cattle ranch in Big Sky country. With three romantic interests, a chilling myster ...