By Possession

I know an author is really talented when she makes me enjoy a book with a premise that I basically dislike. By Possession is a medieval romance about a knight and a woman who was born a serf, bound to his lands. Though her status as a serf is in question, she spends much of the book as his bondwoman ...

The Truelove Bride

An ancient legend, passionate emotion, and wonderful detail make The Truelove Bride a memorable tale. The climactic ending slips a bit into the unlikely, but the sheer power of the romance between two magnetic personalities left me sighing with satisfaction as I finished the last page. Lady Avalo ...

Dangerous Gifts

Beginning with a scene in which Claire DePeche is accused of being a witch by her mother-in-law, then turned out of her home by her conniving brother-in-law after the death of her husband, Lord of Compton Castle, Dangerous Gifts begins with a wallop. In order to save the life of her young son, Clair ...