Devil's Duke series

The Pirate and I

The Pirate and I is a delightful, romantic and utterly charming novella set in between books two and three of Katharine Ashe’s current Devil’s Duke series.  Our reluctant pirate is Charlie Brittle, and his true love is Esme Astell, a perfumer whom he once knew in another - better - life.  Fans ...

The Earl

Readers of Katharine Ashe’s Falcon Club series will be well aware of the frequent, public, and bitingly sarcastic correspondence that has gone on between the club’s secretary, Peregrine, and the anonymous Lady Justice, pamphleteer, moral crusader and regular denouncer of the abuses and injustice ...

The Rogue

Although The Rogue is the first in a new series by Katharine Ashe, it is also a continuation of her earlier Falcon Club series, which featured a group of former spies as they attempted to adjust to new, “normal” lives. Three of the five members of the Club are happily settled, and now it’s the ...