Her Secret, His Child

In Her Secret, His Child, Paula Detmer Riggs confronts the delicate issue of date rape head-on when she brings hero Mitch Scanlon, disabled now but still potently attractive, back into Carly Alderson's life. This book earned its place on my keeper shelves because in Mitch, Riggs created a hero so po ...

Simple Jess

Too much of the world figures those with special needs and challenges are of no earthly good to humanity. If we simply ignore them, they will go away. That's how it was with Jess Best; everybody in town had written him off as simple. My best friend's parents have adopted two Down's Syndrome child ...

Velvet Touch

Catherine Archer, author of this reviewer's favorite medieval, Velvet Bond, has written a dreamy sequel. The oddest sensation enveloped me when reading this book - it was as though I was in a dream-state, wrapped in a velvet-smooth, creamy cocoon. A minor character in her previous work, Sir S ...