disabled heroine

My Christmas Number One

I had been prepared for Leonie Mack’s debut romance My Christmas Number One to be a ‘Hallmark-esque’ holiday romance complete with Christmas tree-lighting, cookie-baking, and enough snow to cool me down during California’s heatwave. Surprisingly, the fresh plot is largely unpredictable and l ...

This is Not a Love Scene

“I liked being ridden, and offered the chance to pretty much every guy in Video II” With those words, S.C. Meagle introduces us to a spirited, smart heroine – wannabe director Maeve.  While she is instantly memorable, the structure of the novel makes her story come off as a bit wooden and ar ...

Phantom Waltz

Phantom Waltz is my contender for the most romantic romance I've read this year. After flirting from behind the counter of her father's store, Bethany Coulter expects Ryan Kendrick to turn tail and flee the moment he realizes that she is in a wheelchair. Bethany, a former champion barrel racer, was ...